3D Tune-In Toolkit Test Application now released!!

The 3D Tune-In Toolkit developer team, lead by the University of Malaga and Imperial College London, has now publicly released the Toolkit Test Apps!  
Two versions of the App are now available.

Binaural Test App

This allows to spatialise sound sources for binaural (headphones) listening. It includes some clever algorithms for simulating near-field and far-field sound sources, and for simulating reverberation in a 3D binaural context. Futhermore, it integrates hearing loss and hearing aid simulators.

Binaural Test App

Loudspeaker Test App

This App allows to connect your computer with multichannel audio interfaces, and spatialise sound sources for loudspeaker listening (e.g. 8 speakers disposed at the corners of a cube).

Loudspeakers Test App

Both apps are available for Windows and MacOS platforms, and can be downloaded for free from the 3D Tune-In developers website