3D Tune-In Applications

The core of the 3D Tune-In project has been the development of five applications, each of which aim to improve the lives of those affected by hearing loss. From improving the assessment and fitting procedures for audiologists and their patients, to improving the experience of listening to music while wearing a hearing aid, the applications cover a broad range of scenarios that have an impact on people’s day-to-day lives.

Musiclarity (Reactify): The experience of listening to music changes dramatically when using a hearing aid, often making it unpleasant and unenjoyable. Musiclarity is an interactive application that aims to improve the experience of listening to music with a hearing aid by providing a database music that can be adjusted to sound optimal for each listener’s level of hearing loss. This can be used in a clinic with an audiologist or at home.

AudGam Pro (GN hearing): AudGam Pro is aimed at audiologists and hearing aid users of all age groups. The objective of this application is threefold: to better assess hearing loss using gamification techniques, to improve the fitting procedure by using virtual hearing aid and implementing these adjustments to a real hearing aid, and finally, allowing users to test and adapt the settings of their hearing aid to different virtual scenarios.

Play&Tune (Vianet): This application, developed for PC and Mac, is oriented towards elderly hearing-aids users, and simulates a series of virtual scenes with different conditions, such like a quiet garden or noisy restaurant, where the sound and a virtual hearing aid can be calibrated. The goal of the application is to enable end-users to calibrate parameters such as left-right levels, noise reduction or directivity through gamification.

Dartanan (X-Team): This application is specially oriented for children with hearing loss. It is a classic platform game similar to Nintendo’s SuperMario, fast and colourful, designed to engage children from 8 years and up. Interspersed among the levels of the main game are a series of mini-games, each one related to different settings of the player’s hearing aid.

Darius Adventure (Nerlaska). Darius Adventure is a video game aimed at children without hearing loss. This graphic adventure educates non-hearing impaired people about hearing impairment through simulated hearing loss, creating empathy the player can take into their real world relationships.