Objectives, Approach and Impact

Using a participatory-design process involving relevant stakeholders (human factors experts, technology developers, hearing communities, end-users) the 3D Tune-In project will create a Toolkit and a series of Applications to:

  • Enable end users to explore, review and customize hearing aid devices for different usage scenarios
  • Enable individuals with no hearing impairment to understand how hearing loss can compromise everyday activities, and how a hearing aid can improve this situation
  • Enable gaming SMEs to explore new non-leisure applications in the area of hearing loss and hearing aid technology with support from the scientific community
  • Enable hearing aid providers to evaluate and demonstrate the various functionalities of their products to improve their services and increase sales


It will do so by:

  • Stimulating and fostering knowledge and technology exchange between SMEs working in digital gaming, the research community, hearing-aid manufacturers and hearing impaired communities
  • Creating a toolkit to support the visual, audio, haptic design and development of game applications using gamification techniques
  • Test the 3D Tune-In application suite and provide scientific evidence on their benefits
  • Disseminating the results of the project to key and leading groups to stimulate widespread innovation
  • Exploiting 3D Tune-In products and services within and beyond the project to relevant markets


The structure of the project is given below:  

It is expected that 3D Tune-In will generate a wide range of economic, societal and environmental impacts:

  • By allowing hearing impaired individuals from all age groups to learn about the functionalities of their hearing aids and to calibrate them for specific usages and scenario, it will foster their integration into society, countering isolation and exclusion.
  • 3D Tune-In gives individuals without hearing impairment a better understanding of what a hearing loss is, thus reducing stigmas and fostering understanding;
  • By venturing into a new, rapidly developing market (e.g. non-leisure gamification), 3D Tune-In will support a wide range of industries (ranging from games and app developers to hearing devices manufactures and retails and medical professionals), thus contributing to the generation of jobs and strengthening of European industry;
  • By enabling better calibration of hearing devices, more energy-efficient is brought about by reducing battery-use.